August Subscription Sets

I wanted August's subscription set to have enough of a summer vibe that they could be worn right away but enough of the rich, fall tones that they will last through the fall.  I think this set nails that!  The mixed berry leather is my latest obsession (and truth be nails are currently painted this color so apparently it's good).  The just have to see it.  From afar it gives a rather neutral appearance...up close you see beautiful chunks of gold, berry/magenta and aqua/teal.  Lastly the succulent basket weave leather.  I've been holding onto this leather for a while now because I loved it so much and wanted to wait for the right time to cut into it and list.  This set is certainly that time.   I hope you all love this month's set as much as I do! 

3 Snap Clip Set | 1 Bow + 2 Snap Clip Set | 2 Bow Set

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