Monthly Subscription

Indecisive?  Looking to build up your stash?  Can't keep up with new drops?  Monthly subscriptions may be perfect for you!  Each month I will choose some seasonally appropriate leathers/glitters to use for monthly subscription sets. These will be subscription exclusives…not items you’ll find stocked in the shop.  Sign up once and get a new set of snap clips, bows, or a mix of the two delivered each month!  Monthly charges and sign-up cut-offs are the 20th of the month with shipments going out the following week!  Any sign-ups after the 20th of the month will automatically jump to the next month. 

Sign-ups are now open for April's set through the 20th of March or while supplies last.  Watch instagram or join our VIP group on FB for sneak peeks at next month's set!  I'll start previewing April's clips/bows early in March and they start to ship March 21st through the end of the month!  

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