Info & FAQ

Turnaround Time

All items in the shop are made to order (and all are handmade by me).  All orders will ship within one week.  I love to get your goodies into your hands as quickly as I can, often you'll see your shipping notification much sooner! 

Shipping & Returns

All items in the shop are hand made to order, so all sales are final.  If you do have an issue with an item received please don't hesitate to contact us and we make it right for you!  All orders will ship within one week unless otherwise stated (I usually try to get orders out much quicker, though!).  Unless priority shipping is chosen at checkout all orders will be mailed first class ground. 

Free shipping is offered on single orders placed over $35.  This offer does not apply to orders combined that total over $35.  No code needed.

I'm happy to combine multiple open orders!  Just leave me a note and as long as I have not already shipped your package I will combine orders and refund shipping fees on additional orders.

Lost package?  Unfortunately when a package is marked as delivered but is not received it is your responsibility to locate.  Once the package has left our possession and is in the hands of USPS we are no longer liable.  If this happens to you please contact your local post office and they will be able to put a trace on your package and check the geotag of the delivery scan as well as escalate an investigation on your behalf.  We cannot process refunds on packages that have been marked by USPS as delivered.

We are not responsible for additional customs fees incurred on international packages.

Monthly Subscriptions

More information on monthly subscriptions can be found on the individual subscription sign up pages as well as HERE.

Subscribers also have the option to add items onto their order in order to save on shipping.  The code SHIPWITHSUB will give subscribers free shipping on their order.  Anytime this code is used items will automatically be held and shipped with the next monthly subscription set.  Any orders from non-subscribers using this code will be cancelled. 

Can past subscriptions or items from past subscriptions be purchased?  Unfortunately no.  All items from each month's subscription are sub exclusives and are not available for purchase in the shop.  Toward the end of the year I will round up all of my extras from each month and do a big sale for those that missed out on some past months!

Custom Orders & Requests

I'm always open to customizing orders and fielding requests for new colors, etc!  Shoot me an email or DM on instagram...or you can fill out our requests/suggestions form HERE.  Whether it's a specific color, an outfit/shoe match, or a bow in a material from the shop that's not currently listed...I'll do my best to try to find something that will work!

 Which Size is Best?

I get a lot of questions about which size bow and snap clip to choose and thought I'd get a quick visual to share.  These are the two bow sizes and two snap clip sizes on my bigger than most 2 year old.  Obviously the standard 2" snap clip holds back more hair than the mini does.  Minis are great for holding back smaller amounts of hair, piggy sets, etc.  As far as the bows....I use the same size alligator clip or nylon headband for all of my bows so they are going to hold back the same amount of hair...the sizes are simply different looks!