June Subscription Sets!

Subscription sets were picked a bit differently this month! One of the leathers that I had originally chosen didn't end up passing my QC so I had to scrap that one. So...back to the drawing board. I had materials spread out all over my office trying to decide on a new combo for the month. Since Father's Day is in June I decided to get a daddy opinion. He walked in and immediately chose this glitter and leather because he said it reminds him of one of his favorite work outfits...navy shirt with pink tie (he never thought he'd wear pink AT ALL but had to wear a pink tie for a wedding and obviously decided it wasn't so bad!). This metallic navy will be perfect for early 4th of July outfits also (it’s gorgeous in person). This glitter is chunky like our other glitters but has sequins throughout...something that I haven’t listed before but love! Curious to see what everyone thinks of the sequins!

This month's subscription delivery sold out before the deadline to sign up!  Those who were lucky enough to get in on this set should start receiving their shipments this week!  Hope everyone loves them...stay tuned for July's set! 

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