Monthly Subscriptions Coming Soon!

Each month I will choose some seasonally appropriate leathers/glitters to use for monthly subscription sets. These will be subscription exclusives…not items you’ll find stocked in the shop.  Sign up once and get a new set of snap clips, bows, or a mix of the two delivered each month!  Perfect for the indecisive or for building up your stash.  No need to keep up with drop dates, etc. 

How does it work? Choose your subscription set that you’d like to receive each month (you can always edit/change options later).  You’ll be charged for your first month’s subscription when you sign up.  After that you’ll be charged on the 20th of each month.  Sets start shipping out the 21st through the end of each month.  If you’d like to cancel you can easily do so by logging into your account…just be sure to cancel before you’re charged for the month. 

What will you receive? You have three subscription options:  a set of 3 snap clips, 2 snap clips and one bow, or 2 bows.  All bows will be genuine leather.  For snap clip sets you’ll receive at least one leather and one glitter (and for the snap clip set the third one will be leather/glitter/velvet depending on the season).  Colors will be hand-picked by me and will be seasonally appropriate for the upcoming month!  When you sign up you’ll have the choice of snap clip size (standard 2” or mini 1.5”), bow size (big or small) and bow finish (nylon headband or alligator clip).  All options can be changed later as your babe grows if your needs change. 

Subscribers will also have the opportunity to add bows/clips from the shop onto their order.  Of course regular orders are always welcomed but if you'd like to save shipping costs you'll be able to purchase clips/bows individually and have them shipped for free with your subscription.  After you've signed up for a subscription you'll get a code for free shipping...anytime this code is used your order will automatically be shipped with your subscription.  Any orders placed using this code from individuals that do not have an active subscription will be cancelled.  These orders must be in by the 20th of each month to ensure they will be included with our subscription order. 

Ready to give it a whirl?!  Use the code TRYME to save 25% on your first month's subscription when sign ups open!

I'm going to try to get all of this first month's sets sent out ASAP so that hopefully they arrive for Easter (April 1!). 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest peeks at subscription colors for the upcoming month!  There is also a giveaway open currently...check out our latest post for your chance to win your first month FREE!

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